Connecting the Engineering Community.


The Corporation de services des ingénieurs du Québec was established in 2002, after the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec decided to focus on its primary mission of protecting the general public. Ever since, the Corporation has functioned as a totally independent entity from the OIQ.The Corporation de services des ingénieurs du Québec first became known by engineers under the name SERVIQ. From November 2006 to June 2017, the Corporation ran under the name Réseau des ingénieurs du Québec, and became Genium360 after a decision taken by the Annual General Meeting on October 2016.


Genium360 financing is based exclusively on the development of partnerships and the use of its services by members. A portion of the profits generated by its partners is paid to Genium360 in exchange for marketing efforts made with its members. The organization is also funded though our continued training programs, our job and internship posting, advertising and sponsorships in our communications and at our various events.

Genium360 in 8 questions

1. What is Genium360?

Genium360 is a network of services for engineering professionals. Its mission is to connect the engineering community.

2. Why “Genium360”?

The word Genium refers to our industry: engineering. 360 places us at the centre of that ecosystem. It also refers to the steady interaction among professionals from all branches of engineering, from the beginning of their studies to the end of their career.

3. What types of funding does Genium360 receive?

Genium360 receives no membership fees, grants, or outside financial assistance. To fund its activities, Genium360 relies on funds obtained through partnerships, the services it offers, as well as earnings from its continuing education program, job and internship posting, advertising sales and sponsorships.

4. How much does Genium360 membership cost?

Membership to Genium360 is free (subject to eligibility).

5. Will I receive a new membership card?

For environmental reasons, we stopped making physical membership cards in 2014. Your membership number and any information you need in order to access services can be found on our website, by connecting to your dashboard.

6. Why open access to all engineering professionals?

Our mission is to connect the engineering community. To fully achieve this, it is essential to include engineering students.

This open approach also allows us to:

  • Enrich our professional community through the contributions of a larger number of participants from a range of backgrounds;
  • To increase our negotiating power through increased membership;
  • To offer more profitable partnerships, better rates and more competitive offers to everyone.

7. I am a member of the OIQ. Am I automatically a member of Genium360?

Genium360 and the OIQ are completely independent organizations, which means that your Genium360 and OIQ memberships must be completed separately. As such, cancelling your membership with one of these two organizations will in no way affect your membership with the other.

8. How do I join?

You can become a member by visiting our website and setting up your profile. It’s completely free and takes only a few minutes.

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