Genium360 Netiquette


Here are the rules of good conduct to be followed when interacting on Genium360's online and social media platforms:


1. Freedom of expression

We encourage you to exchange views freely and share your opinions in a spirit of respect for others and their opinions. Their opinions may differ from yours.

State your opinion and move on: avoid creating conflicts and always remain respectful toward others. Before posting a comment, ask yourself whether you would say it to someone face to face.

Debates that turn into private discussions will be deleted.


2. Relevance

Avoid generalizations and support your opinions with verifiable facts. Check and double-check the sources of any information you share.

Cite the source(s) of your information and respect intellectual property rights by specifying the names of creators. Before posting a comment, reread what you've typed to make sure it's really what you want to say.


3. Compliance

We will remove from Genium360's social platforms:


4. Moderation

To ensure constructive and respectful exchanges, Genium360 may choose to moderate certain comments and content created or shared on its social platforms.

Genium360 reserves the right to delete a comment, to not respond to it, or to block a user at any time and without prior notice if he or she violates these Netiquette rules.


5. Personal Information

Exchanges on Genium360's social networks are public. Personal information must not be posted there. It will be deleted, as will any photos or videos deemed irrelevant or inappropriate.

Please note that all users grant Genium360 the right to use or broadcast their comments by posting them on the organization's social platforms.


Questions or comments? We invite you to write to us directly at the following address: