Protecting your family today is more important now than ever.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to protect your loved ones than Engineers Canada-sponsored plans for Genium360 members.

Start with this $50,000 welcome offer!

Engineers Canada and Manulife have worked hard together to bring Genium360 Members a welcome offer. As a First-Time Term Life Insurance Applicant, you could be eligible for an extra $50,000 of Engineers Canada-sponsored Term life Insurance at no cost for up to 2 years.*

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Two ways to protect your family

Term Life Insurance

can help your family if the unexpected happened, and you were no longer there.

It can help your loved ones pay off a mortgage, cover rent plus day-to-day bills and expenses, pay for a child’s education, cover the cost of a funeral and more.  

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Disability Income Protection

can help you meet your financial obligations – if a disabling accident or illness occurs, wiping out your ability to financially provide for your family and adding the cost of your care to the household. It keeps money coming in each month to help your family cover expenses and cope with the change in your lives. 

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Note that Genium360 does not provide any drug insurance offers.



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*To be eligible for the offer of $50,000 of additional Term Life coverage at no cost for up to 2 years, Applicants must be Genium 360 Members in good standing as well as:
-  be aged 18 to 65;

-  be applying for Engineers Canada-sponsored Term Life Insurance for the first time, without previously having been declined coverage by Manulife;
-  be applying for $25,000 of Term Life coverage or more.

Available to Members only (not available on Spousal coverage). Eligible first-time applicants will automatically receive an additional $50,000 of Term Life coverage, without having to pay any additional premium, for up to two years. After this time, Members will be contacted to determine if they wish to keep the additional $50,000 of coverage. Premiums will be required to continue this additional coverage after the two-year period ends. If no response is received, the additional Term Life coverage that was provided at no extra cost will terminate.

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